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Harish Sen
"straight from heart"

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"straight from heart"
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On this page I will describe my background and philosophy.

The Mission........

"Straight from Heart" is just a mere beginning. Although it seems to be the ending of the struggles of so many years. But it would be the first step towards Success. The Album with its cool, Mast and fundoo songs is surely going to hit Indian Audience straight in their hearts and Minds.

History----> (This time interesting)

It all started with a small performance in the childhood and the appreciation got from it.Then a break of about 7-8 yrs.
And then sudden realease of musical hormones in the teens (15-16 yrs) led to the taste of singing.During later school days (10th, 11th and 12th at K.V. FRI, New Forest, Dehradun)  me and several friends used to sing many latest and classic oldies in the class whenever we got free time. The class desks were our only musical instruments we could play.The memories are still clicking my nerve if it all happened a day before.The punishment we got when we raised our volume level so much that it irritated Mr. Bhainsora,a dreadful teacher still makes me to laugh.The last day of school, each of us was heading towards a definite goal in his/her life.I was unaware of what was to happen next.
A bit of participation in all cultural and literary events kept on boosting the level of confidence until a time came when I said to myself "I can do anything". Writing poetries, started all of a sudden and very soon i was seen with a pen and a page kept in my pocket all the time to note down any new idea I got abt any situation. I was OK in Hindi as well as english poetry. Some poetries got selected in International Poetry Contest. Thought to launch a poetry book in Second yr. Got proposals from some publishers also, but decided to postpone. now dont ask any reason OK?
Then the time came when singing in front of public started......... and poetries slowly got tuned to songs......and their composition into a song alongwith a music was the last step.
All happened and I was unaware that it would lead to this stage.
several friends encouraged and wished success to me in this field.
The Album is scheduled to be launched this Jan (2005).

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